About Us

Heritage Ranch is a unique residential childcare model in the Southeast region. We serve children in the midst of personal or family crisis that require respite, outside the home, for a period of time. Youth, ages 10-18, live in a family-style home receiving counseling and educational support. The home is staffed by a trained husband and wife couple allowing for the creation of a family environment. Child placement is generated through a referral network of social services; it is completely voluntary and focuses on family reunification as its primary goal. Each child who lives at the Ranch, together with the child’s parent(s) or guardian(s), commits to actively participate in the program including counseling for the entire family. The rural setting is key for creating environmental change for each child and provides a supportive context for modeling family, faith and community values.

Core Values

  • Instilling Faith & Character
  • Promoting Academic Excellence & Personal Growth
  • Strengthening & Reunifying Families
  • Building Healthy Communities