Heritage Ranch is endorsed by local community leaders, children's home executives, and community members across the Greater Baton Rouge region who recognize the need in our area for a residential children's home.

The majority of agencies that are located in the Greater Baton Rouge area or in the southern part of the state have beds that are just available for children in state’s custody and have limited private beds, if any at all. A residential care facility in the Baton Rouge area would greatly benefit families and children in need of services. It will provide them with the help that they need to keep the family unit intact and help it to thrive,as well as keeping families close together.

Ashley Davis
Louisiana Baptist Children's Home

There are families in crises all around us…these are regular people who find their family unit threatened, who are in severe emotional pain and who desperately need help for their child, or children, and themselves. Heritage Ranch is a response to this need that is rooted in compassion, driven by service and sustained through love. It is people helping people, neighbors loving neighbors, in an organized, secure and professional, yet home-style, environment. Heritage Ranch follows a template created by Eagle Ranch in Gainesville, GA that has given Eagle Ranch the distinction of being described as the most effective child service center in Georgia. We believe Heritage Ranch will be that for Baton Rouge and Louisiana.

Princeton Bardwell
Heritage Ranch Board of Advisors

Boh Bros. Construction Co.’s core purpose is to honorably serve our communities. We believe that Heritage Ranch’s holistic approach of assisting children and their families in the midst of crises will have a tremendous impact on the greater Baton Rouge community. We are proud to be a corporate partner of the Ranch.

Robert S. Boh
President - Boh Bros. Construction Co., LLC

As an early supporter of Heritage Ranch, I am impressed with the continued steady progress of the much needed H R concept or mission. The original board has stayed thecourse and now HR is beginning to show impressive results that will benefit young people in our area.

Conville Lemoine
Vice Chairman of the Board - Bank of St. Francisville

I can remember like yesterday the day Fairly (Ranch social worker) called me informing me Blayne was accepted. I immediately started crying, just knowing God had answered my prayers for Blayne to get help and guide him in a different direction to grow as a young, mature, Godly man. It is as I sit here 6 months later, seeing and living proof of the amazing transformation that is happening right before my eyes. Blayne is now happy, loving, and so full of life, its like he is completely a new creation. I have faced my growing pains and realize without God your foundation will crumble but with God you can build a solid foundation for your family. Now I will say it is not an easy journey to walk through, but worth every minute of it. The Ranch has changed my family’s life and allowed me to enjoy raising my children again.


God put it on my mind that the change has to come from me first.

Resident, Age 14