What type of youth does Heritage Ranch serve?

We serve boys, ages 10-18 years old. Long-term we will also serve girls on campus.

Youth in the midst of personal or family crises from which they require respite.

Youth and families who will adhere to the program through time, counseling and financial commitment.

Where do the children come from?

The Greater Baton Rouge Region, from within a 60-80 mile radius. They are referred by the family, social service agencies, schools, churches, individuals, or through the foster care system.

How is Heritage Ranch different from other children’s homes?

Heritage Ranch youth live in a home with a husband and wife couple.

Most of the youth are voluntarily placed at the Ranch versus state placements/mandated placements.

The youth live on campus approximately 1 – 2 years while working towards family reunification.

Youth and families are actively engaged in the program.

What does Heritage Ranch provide?

A model of healthy interaction and decision making, through a system of clear expectations/logical consequences.

A safe outlet for youth and their family to work through crises with on-sote Social Workers.

The opportunity for youth and their families to work together toward family reunification, creating a long-term impact on the family environment and future generations.

Emphasis on education with skills specific remediation provided through on campus tutoring.

A positive experience with Christianity as modeled by Ranch staff.

How Do You Raise Money?

Individual, corporate and church financial partners are our primary support group.

100% of our Board of Directors and Board of Advisors are financial partners.

We receive foundation and government grant support (i.e. Exxon Mobile & Entergy)

We have several special events annually to support operations.

Youth program fees underwrite a portion of operational expenses.

How Can I Help?

Contribute financially by giving a pledge or one-time donation.

Join our newsletter mailing list.

Invite us to give a presentation at your church, civic organization or club.

Call us about volunteering.

Pray for the Lord’s favor upon our ministry.