• Children come from various races, cultures, socio-economic statuses, religious orientations, and levels of crisis.
  • Children will live within a 60-80 miles radius of the Ranch
  • Children are referred through Voluntary Placement or State Placement
  • Referrals made primarily by families, churches, social service agencies, schools, neighbors

Basic Requirements

  • Ages 10-18
  • Youth and family, in crisis, willing to engage in program and able to achieve success if given proper support.
  • IQ of 80 and willingness to have a psychological assessment
  • Child and guardian must consent and actively engage in program
  • Must be enrolled or able to be enrolled in public school

4 Step Intake Process, generally 3-4 weeks

  • Step 1: Phone Interview to determine if youth meets general guidelines
  • Step 2: Guardian completes and submits admissions packet
  • Step 3: On-campus interview with Guardian(s) and Youth
  • Step 4: Admission and intake


  • Services are provided based on a sliding fee scale, determined by household adjusted gross income.