Heritage Ranch Program

Heritage Ranch provides a Christian home environment, educational support, counseling, and life skills training for boys ages 10-18, in need of support during a personal or family crisis. Youth live in a safe, supportive environment where they are empowered to regain personal stability and work with their family toward reunification. Our program is voluntary and requires the youth and family to actively participate in counseling.

Houseparent Model

House parents are a husband and wife team who function as staff in the ranch home. They create a safe and loving environment where youth learn respect for their peers, communication, healthy parenting and marriage models, self-discipline, and a strong work ethic.

Holistic Therapy

A professional Social Worker provides individual, group, and family therapy to youth and their families. Counseling prepares the youth and their families to handle life after reunification.

Individual Academic Support

On campus, we will provide skill-specific remediation focused on youth attaining proper grade level, succeeding in the public school system, and achieving post-secondary education.


Our program is built on a belief in Jesus Christ and the transforming power of His love. Faith is not a factor in the admission process, but it is a daily part of our campus life.

Family Reunification

Youth and their families must be willing to actively engage in the ranch program and work toward family reunification in order to participate.