We Are Back In The Office!

King Solomon tells us in Ecclesiastes of “a time to every purpose under the heaven,” and we at Heritage Ranch look forward to a time of New Beginnings as we continue to Rebuild and Restore on the heels of Louisiana’s Great Flood of 2016.

When unprecedented torrential rains brought the Great Flood to the Ranch—and several feet of water into the boys’ home—supporters and staff alike literally and figuratively braved the waters: first in an endeavor to evacuate the Ranch, then (and now) in the magnanimous task of restoration.  Compounding efforts are the vast personal losses experienced by so much of the Heritage Ranch family throughout the Greater Baton Rouge area, but the stalwart spirit of the Ranch network is proving indefatigable, and the residential home is slated to reopen in August.

Ranch offices onsite are operational, and all other buildings—including the boys’ home—are ready for reconstruction.  We are currently serving our youth and families on an outpatient basis through the Ranch counseling office and with the generous assistance of Greenwell Springs Baptist Church, who allow us to use their facility to continue weekly group meetings while the Ranch boys attend Youth Group.  Bringing our boys home to the Ranch is crucial to our mission and to the short and long term success of the program, the boys, the families, and the community we serve. The generosity of our supporters is invaluable in our efforts at this critical stage; the need has never been greater, nor has the Heritage Ranch commitment to Strengthening children, their families, and the community through a Christ centered residential children’s home ever been stronger.

For ways to get involved and have a great time with members of the community—and with a few local celebrities—while making a profound positive impact on the world around you and in the lives of our boys—please consider being a part of our Matt Flynn Invitational in May and our Heritage Ranch Gala in August.  Your golfing and gallivanting can mean big things to our current program and can make our plans for expansion a reality that much sooner.  In the words of Anne Frank, “How lovely to think that no one need wait a moment; we can start now, start slowly changing the world!”