Counseling & Education Center

Heritage Ranch is proud to announce the newest addition to our program. A Counseling and Education Center is currently under construction and will be fully equipped and operational for our residents during the upcoming school year. Our staff has recognized over the last several years the need for dedicated space for our counseling and education services. The young men we serve typically come into our program with intensive academic and mental health needs. Many of our boys are diagnosed with some form of learning disorder, are performing below their grade level in math and reading, and have poor grades due to inconsistent attendance or class performance. This center will focus on effectively addressing these education needs.    

While education is a key component to ensuring a child is positioned for success, a healthy mind and belief system are just as critical. The counseling and education center will create space for parent support groups, family counseling sessions, parent education classes, and group counseling. Intensive counseling is provided for our families, throughout their time at Heritage Ranch, with the goal of creating healthier belief systems which will promote wiser life choices. We aim for our clients to learn healthier communication skills, interpersonal skills, and how to cope with crisis effectively. This center will not only provide services in the short term, but will serve new students and families as additional homes are built in our upcoming stages of development.  

We are proud to partner with University View  Academy to provide education in a small classroom environment, while upholding national education standards. This segment of our program will provide a key for success in addressing necessary remediation and learning accommodations, while creating an environment where our boys can consistently achieve at a high level academically. Students who have fallen behind on the credits needed to graduate, will take classes that were unsuccessfully completed during their previous school years. Staff will identify aspects about the courses failed that confused each student and address them with an instructor or tutor. When necessary, each course will be divided into specific sections, so that challenging areas can be focused on in greater detail.

Counseling provided at the center is designed to address the environmental systems and triggers that impact a family unit, resulting in family and youth crisis. We use a family and community-based treatment model that addresses the youth, their families, homes, teachers, schools, neighborhood, and friends.