Spring Has Come

At Heritage Ranch, we value the impact the outdoors and healthy living has on the lives of the young men we serve. The Ranch campus sits on a beautiful 52 acre spread in Zachary, Louisiana. Having our Children's Home set in a rural environment was selected with a goal of ensuring the youth we serve would have daily access to the outdoors. The Ranch campus has ponds for fishing, acres for walking, an outdoor basketball court, and an indoor workout area. All of these are utilized with our residents. It is not unusual to find the outdoors incorporated into our counseling program, as well. Our Ranch social worker will facilitate sessions which incorporate walking, fishing, or shooting hoops. In addition to our focus on the outdoors and recreation, we also value healthy living. Everyday we prepare balanced nutritional meals, that have been approved by a licensed dietitian. As well, our boys are learning to cook and prepare meals during their time at Heritage Ranch. We know that diet, exercise, and a healthy sleep schedule are three of the best ways to improve mental health and physical wellness. We love the Spring season at Heritage Ranch and are grateful for sunny skies for our youth to have extra time in the great outdoors.