Rebuilding Families, Restoring Hope. A Progress Report

King Solomon tells us in Ecclesiastes of  “a time to every purpose under the heaven,” and we at Heritage Ranch look  forward to a time of New Beginnings as we continue to Rebuild and Restore on the heels of Louisiana’s Great Flood. With the generous help and support from churches, volunteers, and organizations from the Baton Rouge area and across the country, we continue to make progress in rebuilding and restoring our Ranch campus. These individuals and organizations have truly been the hands and feet of Christ in this endeavor. 


As of May 10, 2017, we have successfully raised $366,926.73 of our Rebuild and Restore Campaign goal of  $725,000.00.  This campaign will restore all infrastructure, equipment, furnishings, and supplies necessary to resume program operations in full and return our youth to campus. We are half way there, but the support of volunteers and donors like you is  crucial to getting us across the finish line.


At present, Heritage Ranch is providing youth and family counseling in an out patient capacity, and we are continuing our Saturday Workdays each month.  The Executive Director’s former home on the Ranch campus will be converted to a  Counseling and Education Center (CEC) to facilitate group as well as family counseling and to promote excellence in education.  We are currently interviewing for a    Houseparent couple and a Resident Adviser.   Applications  are available on our Web site,


In the words of Anne Frank, “How lovely to think that no one need wait a moment; we can start now slowly changing the world!”  We look forward to the return of our youth and families to the Ranch campus as we continue to lay a foundation for generational change, creating a community of  faithful, loving, and caring families.