Educating Youth and Families

This fall, we began classes in our new Counseling & Education Center. It is with great excitement that we now can prepare students to achieve the best possible educational outcomes when they return home to their community schools. Having a dedicated space for our counseling and education services allow us to create a comprehensive program of educational and therapeutic support to address the intensive academic and mental health needs of the students we serve. 


Many of our boys, prior to coming to the ranch, performed below grade level, earned poor grades, or lacked consistent attendance and class performance. In the Education Center, we focus on effectively addressing these education needs. Through our continued collaboration with the University View Academy, students receive high quality education, in a small classroom environment.

Last year, we saw students achieve in areas that they had never before. Even as we celebrate, we continue to set new goals. We realize that increasing student academic achievement is important but do not fail to help students recognize the value in themselves and others around them. Out of our knowledge of this responsibility has come our motto, “We Choose to Grow”- Grant kind communication, Respect others’ identity, Own our choices, Work toward progress. It is birthed from the strong core values that can be found at Heritage Ranch. By integrating core values into the classroom, we are creating a culture where we celebrate our students’ individual strengths and embrace the work needed to tackle challenges. 

Outside the classroom, our students are making meaningful connections with the outside world through our Workforce Development Initiative. Twice a month local businesses graciously extended a welcome to our students to explore various careers. These experiences allow them to see the value of what they are learning in a wider life context by connecting their interests to real world experiences. 

The Center provides tremendous opportunities for students to continue to grow as individuals as well as in the educational environment. Our families and supporters are essential partners in the success of our students. We appreciate and encourage your continued involvement in our program.

- Carlar Scott