Workforce Development Update

 Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 
At Heritage Ranch, we believe that every student has the potential to build a healthy, happy future. A big part of bringing hope for the future into a student's life is exposing them to meaningful careers that spark their imagination. This is why a large piece of our on-site education program has been Workforce Development. We regularly bring our students on field trips to various businesses, to give them an idea of the types of careers that are available to them in the future.

One of our students told us recently, "Going to visit job sites builds my confidence because I know that when I will go out to look for jobs in the future, I know there are jobs that I could do."
Learning About Construction Careers
Scott Brown, Owner of Brown Industries, sharing about industrial construction to our students.

Brown Industrial Construction | 225.478.1000 | 727 Highlandia Dr, Baton Rouge LA
One of the businesses that partners with Heritage Ranch regularly is Brown Industries. Students have the opportunity to meet with ownership and learn about the industrial construction field; including plant maintenance services, civil construction, engineering, and bulk materials management.  
Experiencing Truck Driving First Hand
Seth Bond, Director of Training & Placement at Diesel Driving Academy teaching Ranch students about truck driving.

Diesel Driving Academy | 8067 Airline Hwy | 225.929.9990
The boys recently visited Diesel Driving Academy and had the opportunity to learn firsthand what training is required to become a truck driver. The boys were excited to have the chance to see 18 wheelers up close and learn the role they play in delivering materials and products across the country to keep American companies running successfully. 
Exploring the Art of Stained Glass
Steve Wilson of Stephen Wilson Stained Glass demonstrating some of the tools of the trade.

Stephen Wilson Stained Glass | 1469 Laurel St | 225-343-2211
Another wonderful Workforce Development experience our students had was a trip to visit Steve Wilson of Stephen Wilson Stained Glass. Steve shared with them about stained glass techniques and how he uses them to create beautiful stained glass windows for buildings across the community. We are so grateful to Steve for sharing his decades of training and experience with the boys.
Learning How Blueprints Turn Into Buildings
Our house mom, Tori, with one of our students visiting a Ritter Maher job site.

Ritter Maher Architects | Steve Maher, AIA |2987 Government Street, 2nd Floor | 225.383.4321
Students interested in pursuing a more technically oriented career were excited to spend time with the team from Ritter Maher Architects. Steve Maher hosted the boys at his office sharing with them about the construction process from project conception to design and build. In addition, they were able to go into the field and visit an actual project under construction.
Learning About The Equine Industry
Mary Lee & Bill Dixon, teaching some of the boys how to shoe a horse.
Each month our students spend time at the home of Bill and Mary Lee Dixon to learn about the equine industry and ride horses. The Dixon's knowledge and experience ranges from training and shoeing cutting horses to extensive involvement in the corporate and non-profit community. Our students are blessed with this special opportunity and all the skills they have learned.
Learning How Middle School Math Is Used in Engineering
Featured In Picture: Ryan Guillory (Mechanical Engineer) - Engineering Supervisor at Marathon Petroleum & Jason Mann (Industrial Engineer) - Turnaround Manager at Methanex Corporation
Ryan and Jason talked with the boys about employment opportunities in the chemical and refining plants in the area, especially for engineers. They shared how a general interest in taking things apart, building things, and solving problems led them into the engineering field.

Students had the chance to learn about refinery equipment, through props including a heat exchanger tube, valve, laser temperature gun, thermowell, and small steam engine. The boys now have a greater knowledge of engineering career opportunities, as well an increased appreciation for how their middle school math skills can be utilized in the future.   
Become Part Of Our Workforce Development Program
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"Learning about the different career opportunities gave me a few more paths that could be available to me and peaked my interest in areas I never thought about before."
-Ranch Child