Thankful Thoughts From The Boys

In the spirit of the Holiday Season, we asked a few of our boys to share with you the things that they are most thankful for in their lives, as well as the things that they are most thankful for about Heritage Ranch. Gratefulness is a powerful tool that we can use to shift our perspective. Many of the boys that come into our program struggle to have a positive perspective. This stems from the fact that the path of least resistance in life is often to blame other people, situations and circumstances for the way that we feel and the choices that we make.

Gratefulness helps us to shift our perspective from a perspective of blame and discontent into a perspective of positivity and ownership. Even in the worst possible situations, we can choose to be grateful. We can choose to be positive. We can choose to take ownership of our part in our relationships, and choose to overcome in situations and circumstances that would seem impossible without a shift in perspective.

This leads us to believe that a key part of success in life is found in the perpetuation of gratitude. So please join us and our boys in finding things to be genuinely grateful for in life.