A Story of Hope

Before Stephanie's son Jace came to Heritage Ranch, the family's home life was extremely stressful. "I felt like everything was falling apart. There was constant fighting. Everyone was unhappy, and I didn't know what to do," Stephanie recalls. Now that she and Jace have joined the Ranch family, Stephanie has learned how to better approach conflict and is building stronger relationships with each of her children. 

Stephanie credits the Choice and Consequence Model provided through counseling sessions, for helping her the most. This model gives an individual the choice of making his or her own decisions while clarifying the consequence he or she may face. Stephanie stated, " My son can learn to make better decision, and when he's in trouble, it's because of his own doing." 

Stephanie's hope for the future is that she and her children will continue to grow into a stronger and happier family. She is hopeful that Jace will continue to learn he is better than his past choices. Stephanie says, "It is possible for him to have a big and great future full of things he deserves."